Teton Custom Homes.

Innovation in High-End, New, Custom Home Building

A Member of The Symmetry Companies. Make your dream home a reality with Teton custom homes, a residential general contractor that knows the ins and outs of your specialty project. Building a home, let alone a custom home, can be intimidating. It’s difficult to know where to start.


Our systematic approach to custom home building.

We’ve made demystifying the custom home building process our primary focus; removing it from standing in the way of realizing your true vision for your home.

Decades of Experience in Residential, Multi-Family, and Commercial Contracting

As a part of The Symmetry Companies, we pull from decades of commercial contracting experience and apply the professionalism of that industry to the custom home building effort.

Traditionally, building your own home calls for hiring a residential general contractor to present a bid for the project. Often, this information is limited and simplified so there’s no cost breakdown sheet. You have to trust that the contractor did everything possible to eliminate extra costs and maximize your project’s efficiency. At Teton, we formalize the process to bring on a project manager, a project management team, and a personal representative. That entire team is in your corner, much like a commercial developer would experience from a commercial contractor. But this is your home, after all, and just because you want to live in a custom home instead of a custom warehouse doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice any piece of your unique vision.

Elevating The Custom Home
Building Process

Imagine you’re shopping for a contractor to build that perfect house right in the middle of the surrounding mountainscape. You picture yourself on a closed patio off the side of your airy kitchen sipping coffee and greeting the wildlife every morning. You also have a family, and want to make sure that they have the ultimate rec room with an entire wall of windows, looking out to the same view as your coffee spot. This isn’t just a dream about a house, it’s a dream about how you want to live your life.

Oftentimes with standard, out-of-the-box home builders, these custom features can cause unforeseen delays in the project which, in turn, cost the project money. With our extensive experience in custom home building and systematic approach to your residential project, we minimize any obstacles that may arise from the very beginning. With this assurance, your dream custom home can now become more than a possibility; with Teton, it can quickly become a reality.

And that’s our favorite part! There’s nothing better than the satisfaction of when someone walks into their new home that we built and they say, “oh my gosh, that’s it!” That’s why we exist in this industry, we simply want to create amazing homes.


We are more than your commodity -

We are your partner in success.