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Our team remodeled an 18,000 SF space that was originally a spice plant for Butterball Turkey. We transformed it into 5 tenant spaces including a pet store and possibly a distillery.

Symmetry gutted the existing structure to its bones, replaced the roof, and remodeled much of the site package adding in parking and landscaping. The largest difficulty was dealing with existing conditions that caused excessive water damage to the structure. We replaced much of the perimeter track, added sealant, spray foam and metal flashing to shed the water properly. When we began this project, the original space was stockpiled with old factory equipment. We removed all of the old equipment and then got to work with new concrete, asphalt, landscape, a tension/rain garden/pond, parking lot lights, trash enclosures, and all utilities. Believe it or not, the original structure used to be a long steel building with no windows. It was dilapidated with holes in the exterior structure like a sieve and was also never previously insulated. The owner wanted to keep the original steel structure of the exterior building. So, instead of tearing it down (even though it was quite dented), our team re-treated the existing exterior and painted it to create a clean new look. Therefore, the building still has its natural dents from its previous life but has a new look and purpose.

Project Information
Longmount, CO
Front Range
Building Size
18,000 SF
6.0 Months
Building Type
Construction Type
Tenant Improvement
Delivery Method
Lump Sum
Mass Equities
Studio Lemonaide
"We tore the building down to the skeleton, i.e., its core and shell, and put it back together with new product. Now, the building has new HVAC systems, a new sprinkler system, a new electrical system, and a new sewer system. Its new purpose is a mixed-use, industrial type building with 5 separate, leasable spaces for tenants. Many of the units (3 of 5) were leased even before the completion of the project. Our team had additional framing done for the new garage doors for the storefronts spaces as well as added 7 large rooftop heating units for the building. There used to be a loading dock on one side, but we converted the three, side-by-side openings that used to be garage doors for semi-truck deliveries to windows and garage-style open doorways. "

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