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Project Description

SF: +7500sq plus New Landscaping

(16k sqft) and Parking Lot Adjustment (41k sqft), Renovation/Expansion, CMU, Stick Frame/Brick Veneer/Tile Roof, Lump Sum, Boulder Exterior Lighting Compliance.

An aerial shot of a commercial building on the portfolio page for an automotive contractor that built a les schwab tire center in fort morgan, co.
An under construction image of the inside of a large commercial garage that was part of a Les Schwab Tire Center built by an automotive contractor in Colorado.
Project Information
Boulder, CO
Front Range
Building Size
7,500 SF
2.0 Months
Building Type
Construction Type
Tenant Improvement, Renovation
Delivery Method
Lump Sum
Regency Centers
NAOS Design Group
The location of this property is relativity high profile, we hoped to instill confidence with Regency, foster positive public sentiment with Boulder, and provide timely and economic completion. This was a multiphase project, and we were fortunate enough to be given a lot of latitude with the Architect and Owner. As a team, we contemplated scraping and starting over - with time being the only true constraint. Expanding and upgrading existing buildings can be a challenge. About 3/4 of the way through the project the Owner leased out one of the spaces to Torchy's Tacos - the collaborative and wide-ranging nature of working with a national chain and their preferred vendor was a unique experience. In closing out the project Symmetry had to be instrumental in ensuring both the Tenant Improvement and Renovation/Expansion were completed to the satisfaction of Boulder. It was a challenge and great opportunity to be included in such a dynamic team.

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