VP of Strategic Growth & Development

I was introduced to Symmetry Builders through my tenure in the mechanical & plumbing industry and later joined the team to grow the company. I was actually a part of Symmetry’s first project as a subcontractor and quickly realized how special the team is here!

While studying mechanical engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder, I began working for a large mechanical and plumbing contractor (RK Mechanical, Inc.). I’ve always enjoyed the sense of accomplishment that comes from building things, so the construction industry was an inherent fit. I spent nearly a decade growing from project engineering/management roles to pre-construction management then to the business development team strategizing on key projects throughout our market. This effort developed my understanding of the Colorado real estate and construction markets leading to my role at Symmetry. I also have a background in auto and motorcycle racing teams in both California and Colorado.

I have a ton of hobbies! I love to ski, fly fish, play hockey, golf and play with everything with an engine (cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc.). I also have a weird affinity for building tables for homes, Symmetry’s offices, and other fun places. My smoke show wife and I added to our family in 2018 and I’ve been known to teach him bad habits all too often. He will be entering the NHL Draft in 2035. #GoSharks