Founder & CEO

I moved to Colorado from Switzerland in January of 1993 without any knowledge of the English language or traditions. I love the cold and living at 9,000 feet. I am a hippie and deadhead by night and a businessman during the day! I love to travel and experience other cultures and people and believe that nothing is impossible. I hold architecture & engineering degrees with hands-on masonry & concrete construction apprenticeships, and a master’s degree in project management / development.

When we decided to organize Symmetry Builders, our principal vision was to transform it into a successful company that was motivated by relationships and the common goal of creating positive environments. We manage our projects the same way we lead our employees and trade partners: with mutual respect, honesty and a level of knowledge that allows us to always find the best way forward. We are not motivated by profits but rather by the inspiration that earns Symmetry Builders each project.